Data Manipulation using software you know

I can help you create small, impactful tools using Microsoft Excel that will enable you to improve your performance, accuracy and speed with the information that is the lifeblood of your business.

Do any of the questions below apply to you?

Do you perform the same task in Excel every day/week/month?

Even if the task doesn't take up much time, chances are that it could be done with one click of a button - even if the data is all scattered over multiple files!

Do you find that spreadsheets get 'messed up' when other people use them?

With lots of people working out of one file, it is pretty easy for someone to accidentally delete, overwrite or move something that they shouldn't have. Did you know that Excel can be locked down so that only certain cells can be edited? Or that you can create forms where data is entered and then submitted into a file in the background where nobody (but the right people) can change it?

Are you looking for a calculator for something like quotes, formulas etc?

With Excel it's easy to enter in lots of information and perform complex calculations easily. This goes regardless of whether you want one result of one hundred.

For example, do you want to quote someone based on the specific requirements of their job? The time that you think it will take, the resources  (think fuel, machine cost recovery etc) that you will have to allocate or the consumables that you will have to use? Excel can combine all of the raw data that you know about and spit out a 'true' cost of the job.

Looking for instant reporting on massive amounts of data (ie into graphs, tables etc)?

Data in Excel can be updated on the fly with the latest information, graphs can be refreshed and reports can be generated on demand.

For example, I can create dashboards that collate all of the relevant information in your data files to summarise only the information that you want to see in one place. Let's say you are a Operations Manager and you have access to daily information on previous manufacturing across 3 sites. I could create a single dashboard that would show you planned output vs actual output, comparative output across your sites, manufacturing efficiency percentages and whatever else you could see with the information available.

Need something that I haven't covered off above?

I have lots of other examples or applications of Excel as a powerful productivity tool.

Get in touch with me to see if I can help you out!

Data Driven Tools and Solutions

Have a look at some of the Excel tools that I have made in the past as examples of what you can do. These examples only cover a small amount of the limitless potential applications so just ask yourself one question: what data do I have that I can use better?

Formula Calculator

Formula Calculator

This tool uses known information about what makes up your finished good - be it a plastic pipe, a batch of cookies or a gift basket. The calculator uses the desired quantity to determine how much of each ingredient is required to make easy work of planning your ingredient purchases.

Production Planner

Production Planner/Scheduler

This tool utilises information on how long jobs take to run - including setup and clean down - to help you plan your days. It replaces the typically clunky production scheduling softwares that are offered and delivers only the information that you want to see.